Frequently Asked Questions Regarding EDOXA�.

Why Should I consider EdoxA�?
EdoxA� is a safe, all natural, and scientifically documented method to enhanced sexual performance. EdoxA� taken daily will restore your sexual confidence and provide sexual wellness for you and your partner.

Is EdoxA� Safe?
Arginine and citrulline, are amino acids found in many foods, has been shown to be safe in amounts as high as 30 grams. PycnogenolA� is a naturally occurring antioxidant with essentially no known toxicity.

Sources of Arginine and Citrulline in food:

Animal Proteins: are a source of both arginine and citrulline, however citrulline is found in very small amounts in these types of foods.

Plant Proteins: Grains, Vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds also have both but are also a better source for arginine than citruline.

Watermelon however is a rich source of citrulline.

Does EdoxA� Have Side Effects?
A small percentage of people may experience flushing or headaches when they initially start using EdoxA�. However, this should lessen with continuing usage. If you are seriously ill, on multiple medications, suffer from sever hypertension or heart disease, consult with you physician before using EdoxA�.

How Does EdoxA� Work?
EdoxA� is a patented proprietary blend of L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and PycnogenolA�. These important nutrients help protect, restore, and sustain endothelial function, increase nitric oxide levels and improve vascular integrity and blood flow to the genital region. Through these mechanisms, EdoxA� naturally enhances erectile function as well as sexual performance.

How Do I Take EdoxA�?
The recommended dose is two tablets daily. The two tablets maybe taken at once a day or one tablet twice a day.

Why Do I Need To Take EdoxA� Daily?
The ingredients in EdoxA� require a limited period of time to maximize their effectiveness and prime the vascular system to become more responsive. EdoxA�a��s initial benefit is dependent on comorbidities which include advancing age, smoking history, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other health issues associated with declining sexual function. The majority of men will begin to experience improvement in sexual performance during the initial 2-4 weeks of usage. EdoxA� is a daily supplement and does not perform as medications do. Over a period of time continued benefit of EdoxA� is sustained with just two tablets per day.

Will EdoxA� Begin To Work Immediately?
L-Arginine begins working immediately to enhance penile blood flow with resultant improvement in the quality and duration of an erection. The maximum benefit of EdoxA�, however, will accrue over an extended period of time as the health of the vascular system continues to improve.

How Long Does It Take To See A Maximum Benefit?
After four weeks of EdoxA� usage, the blood vessel responsiveness should have improved sufficiently for one to experience the maximum benefit. At this juncture, one will become aroused and erect more easily and be able to sustain an erection for a longer period of time.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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